A successful bicycle commuting program has the commitment of the top management and is promoted on a regular basis. By backing up their endorsement with financial or other incentives, employers can demonstrate that their commitment is sincere, and that they regard bicycling as a legitimate and professionally acceptable mode of transportation.

There are many ways of promoting bicycle commuting at your business. Consider the following list to be a springboard, and let your imagination run wild!


Offer a free "starter kit" to bicycle commute program recruits. Include such items as a patch kit, reflective stickers, water bottle, and bike map.

- Hold monthly prize drawings for program participants, perhaps in conjunction with brown-bag workshops.
- Have t-shirts made featuring your company logo and a bike-friendly design or slogan. Then give these away to bicycle action committee members, or bicycle commute program participants.
- Offer free or subsidized tune-ups at a local bicycle shop.
- Offer free SABA memberships

Special Events

Participate in May is Bike Month. Appoint a worksite coordinator to handle registration. Offer free food, prizes, or on-site bicycle adjustments to employees who participate.

- Implement a commuter challenge contest with other area businesses.
- Hold a "Pedal with the CEO" day.
- Stage a bike rodeo for employee's children.
- Sponsor recreational rides and fitness races.
- Subsidize a bike education class.


- Recognize bicycle commuters in your company newsletter or on a bulletin board display.
- Give awards to "dedicated bicycle commuters" who ride more than 50% of the workdays during a specified period.

Other programs and incentives

- Provide discounts or subsidies on the purchase of bicycles, helmets, or other commuting equipment.
- Provide payroll deductions for bicycle purchases.
- Offer cash back to cyclists who agree not to use employee parking spaces.
- Provide travel reimbursement ($0.10/mile) to bicyclists.
- Allow employees to earn $0.25 hour vacation time per day of bicycle commuting.
- Offer flextime or a fifteen-minute grace period for bicycle commuters.

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