An Employer's Guide to Bike Commuting

Commuters select their travel mode based on travel time, convenience, and the need for trips during the day. For distances of less than five miles, the bicycle is a very practical alternative. Additionally, employees who care about their health, the environment, or saving money will ride from ten or more miles away.

If you can answer "yes" to one or more of the following questions, then promoting bicycle commuting at your business is probably worth the effort:

Does your company support innovative ideas that improve employee health, well being, and morale?

- Is your company situated in a bike-friendly land-use environment?
- Is automobile access to your work site congested?
- Are a prescribed or limited number of parking spaces available for your company?
- Do any of your employees currently bicycle for transportation or recreation?
- Are your employees interested in a physically fit, active lifestyle?
- Are there people in your company who are concerned about the environment?

Getting started
Bike commuting facilities
Employee bike commuting incentives
Keeping employees pedaling

This guide is adapted from a guide produced by the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.


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