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Let us park your attendee's bikes at your next event.
Many groups like yours obtain sponsorship to defray the cost, and in return, the sponsor gets free advertising during the event.
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Ride your bike to your next event and leave the parking to us. It's safe, secure, and free!
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How Bike Valet Works

It’s simple! Ride your bike to the Bike Valet at one of our events, and we’ll take care of the rest. Just like a coat-check, we’ll tag your bike and provide you with a claim stub at no cost to you.
Enjoy the event, then return to Bike Valet with your claim stub and pick up your bike. You can even leave your helmet or panniers with your bike (securely attached of course).
FAQ for cyclists

Join Us!

Help promote cycling in Sacramento. Join the Bike Valet Staff or Volunteer Crew.
No regular time commitment necessary– Commitment is scary. We get it. Sign up online for a shift that works for you.
Feel good supporting the environment and active transportation. People love our service and are really appreciative.
Connect with the community and meet new people. Which new people? The fine folks of Team SABA, and cyclists attending events around the city!
Enjoy the great outdoors!


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